Surprise Sugar Hidden in “Healthy” Infant and Toddler Yogurt Melts

Melts, especially yogurt melts, are a popular snack for babies and toddlers. Overall, yogurt melts appear healthy, but many contain hidden added sugar! There are a variety of brands on the shelves such as Amara Melts and Gerber. Although all melts look similar, the nutritional content is often very different. As a dietitian, I am obsessed with making sure my toddler’s snacks are not loaded with extra sugar.

We can all agree that shopping with a baby or toddler is overwhelming. My little climber has mastered getting out of the shopping cart belt and standing entirely up in the cart. While cruising down the baby aisle in the grocery store, I don’t have time to stand and read labels. I need quick information. I couldn’t find consolidated details online for melts or yogurt melts, so I created my own compact spreadsheet with the food label details of each different brand of melts.

I found a lot of melts and yogurt melts contain added sugar. This is problematic for a few reasons, mainly because:

Infants and Toddler have a high nutrient requirement. But they don’t consume a large amount of food. Added sugar can take up space and replace the nutrients they need.

Early introduction to sugary foods can lead to a preference for overly sugary foods.

What are my choices for the HEALTHIEST MELTS?

Amara’s melts are the #1 choice for us. 100% Organic, Non-GMO, No Additives or Preservatives, Gluten-free. Simple ingredients. Plus, they taste delicious – that’s the most important part, right? The Beets n Berries and Carrot Raspberry have more calories per serving than any other melts. On the go, having a higher calorie snack is helpful to keep a baby or toddler a little fuller. Amara melts also contain a serving of fruits/vegetables too.

Amara Organic Smoothie Melts are the healthiest versions of melts

My #2 choice is Beech-Nut. While it’s not organic, most Beech-Nut melts do not have added sugar, and some have probiotics added. However, the company complicated things and the Fruit & Veggie Melties – Strawberry Apple & Yogurt flavor does have added sugar. This is an example of why it’s always important to look at the nutritional information for each different flavor between the same brand.

I will always be a hard no on Gerber and HappyBaby Organics Melts because they contain added sugar, which is simply unnecessary.

Hopefully if you’re shopping for yogurt melts for your child, this has been a helpful summary! If you want to check out my analysis of toddler snack bars, check out my post Abandon Unhealthy Toddler Snack Bars. Breakdown of the Most Popular Brands

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